Monthly Archives: September 2012

► Bras off – Pants down: September 3, 2012

Monday 3 September 2012 Journey: Triple L Estate – St. Leonards Creek – Broomes Island – Triple L Estate When we first left home, Lori turned the dock lights on saying, “Just because I’m turning them on does not mean I want to be out late. I actually want to be home before sunset.” I […]

► DOLPHINS in the Patuxent: September 1, 2012

Saturday 1 September 2012 Journey I: Triple L Estate – Solomons area – Solomons Yachting Center, Solomons Island – Solomons area bridge to base – Triple L Estate: DOLPHINS Journey II: Triple L Estate – Solomons area – Triple L Estate with Martin, Eva, and kids Journey III: Triple L Estate – Cuckold Creek – […]