► Chesapeake Bay Oyster Buyboats: August 6, 2012

Monday 6 August 2012

Journey: Triple L Estate – the Boys’ house – Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

Engine Hrs: 338.8 – 339.7
Vessel: Chaparral 260 SSi Bowrider

Lori, actually, captained this entire journey – the first time she’s ever taken this boat out alone. The boys needed a ride from their house to Broomes Island in order to collect Looking IV and begin their return journey to Ft. Washington. She called me at work to tell me her plans and ask if I had any last minute advice. My only comment – remember you need to swing the wheel in opposite directions when you’re parking and shifting forward and reverse.

The boys asked her to be at their house at 3:30. Being Miss Reliable she arrived exactly at 3:30. Unfortunately, the boys had taken Who Ray IV off the lift earlier in the day and when they returned to their pier the low tide prevented them from getting the boat back on the lift. They had to wait until the tide came up enough to get the boat on the lift. I stopped by on my way home from work to see how things progressed. While waiting we walked back up to the house for “freshies.”

Eric returned to check on the boat while we sat in the house watching. We then noticed Eric start the generator in order to raise the lift. Lori said, “Oh, look, the tide has come in enough.” I said, “That, or he’s so fed up with waiting he’s just lifting it anyway.” Barry agreed that my scenario could possibly be the correct assessment of the situation.

We walked down to the pier, loaded the boys and Lori onto the boat, and away they went.

I drove home, changed, and decided I wanted to put the skiff into the water and go over to Solomons. As I uncovered the skiff Lori came around the point and brought the boat into the slip.

Journey: Triple L Estate – Solomons Yachting Center – Calypso Bay pier – Calvert Marine Museum – Vincencio’s – Triple L Estate

Vessel: 18’ Simmons Sea Skiff replica

I knew the boys would be passing down the river on their way to the Potomac. I had hoped to go up river a short way and encounter them so I could photograph them underway. As I entered the Patuxent River I noticed what looked like Looking IV passing under the bridge so I headed for Solomons. I noticed that they, too, turned towards Solomons as they needed to fuel before leaving the river, so I followed them to Solomons Yachting Center. As I approached, I asked them if they felt as though I was stalking them. They said, “No, of course not.” Good. I then said, “I have a problem?” Right away Barry wanted to assist. I held up the blue plastic glass I had gotten from their house and said, “You gave me an empty glass.”

Barry jumped up and headed below decks to make me a freshie. He came up to say that we no longer had tonic. Oops. He then offered me one of my fancy beers. “Really? I don’t think I left any on board. Konstantine must have left it.” Barry pulls it out only to realize it’s not a beer but a ginger ale I had brought from the Tides. Barry offered to mix me a gin and ginger. I thought, sure, why not give it a try. Barry hands me the mixture, I take a sip, which tasted more like fire water, and I say with a horse voice, “Smoooth.” Eric gave it a try and immediately says, “Oh yeah, there’s a lot of liquor in there, son.”

I sat and chatted with them while they fueled. I explained to them the channel that leads straight out to the Bay. I then headed over to Calypso to have a closer look at a boat tied up on their pier. Nice sized boat from New York, NY named the Walrus.

Once I had a closer look at the Walrus I then started to head towards Calvert Marine Museum. Today the museum hosted a Buyboat event from 10 am to 4 pm. I hoped that I might see a few boats remaining for the evening since the event ended late in the afternoon. Along the way I noticed other unique boats tied at various piers.

To my delighted surprise I noticed several wood boats tied up at Calvert Marine Museum. As I neared the museum I noticed the Iva W on the far left. I remembered passing the Iva W on the Potomac River on Wednesday. I noticed a gentleman standing near Iva W. I asked him if he was associated with the Iva W and he said yes. I told him, “We saw you Wednesday on the Potomac.” I looked at the skiff I was in and added, “Not in this boat, of course.” I then explained we passed them in a SeaRay Sundancer. He said, “Everyone passes us.” He then asked if I’d like to come aboard. Of course I wanted to jump at that opportunity.

I asked if he wanted me to come to his transom. He said no, they didn’t have a place to tie up so instead indicated a small little dock along the sea wall. As a slowly motored between the buyboats towards the sea wall a woman on the F.D. Crockett said that the dock was for buyboats only. I informed her that I had been invited by Iva W to come on board and I planned on tying up at the seawall. She again said that it wouldn’t be allowed as it’s private property and only buyboats had permission. I looked at her, then at my cute little wood skiff, and said, “What makes you think I’m not with the buyboats?”

I kept looking for the guy I had talked to on Iva W, but couldn’t find him. I had hoped he’d settle the situation with the F.D. Crockett water gate keeper. I did not see him. I lingered around Iva W, again hoping to catch a glimpse of the person I had talked to. Nothing. Drat. Finally, I decided to head towards home.

As I traveled around I noticed two other buyboats tied up at a different pier. I wanted to go up and ask them if they had been kicked out of the Calvert Marine Museum area also. I went first to one side of the pier and noticed the buyboat’s dinghy looked more like it belonged in a military special ops mission.

I then noticed people sitting on the stern of P.E. Pruitt. I went over to commend them on their beautiful boat. I then asked if they owned the boat, captained the boat, or chartered the boat. Two people immediately point to the third person saying he owned the boat. I again complimented him. He then said, “For a hundred dollars I’ll trade you this boat for your boat.” I looked at him and shook my head, saying, “Nooooo, I think you’d be getting the better part of that deal. Look at all that woodwork that needs to be maintained.”

The other fellow on the boat asked me, “So, is that a Simmon’s boat?” “Yes,” I exclaim, “I am so impressed you know that!” I noticed they were from Rock Hall and asked if they’d be at the Pirates and Wenches festivities next week. “Of course,” they said. I let them know we were thinking about taking this little skiff over and if we did I would look for them. With that I decided I should head for home.

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