► A Three Hour Tour: August 3, 2012

Friday 3 August 2012

Journey I:
Journey: The Tides, Irvington, Virginia – Triple L Estate, Hollywood, Maryland (via Rappahannock River, Chesapeake Bay, and Patuxent River)

Time: 12:05 – 3: 05
Vessel: 320 SeaRay Sundancer
Conditions: sunny, rolling seas from the south, waves 1 – 2 feet;
RPM ~ 3900, 25 – 26 knots or mph (unsure which it was calculating)

It was nice to wake up to clear skies and calm water knowing that we had a long journey ahead of us. Comparing the view from this morning to that taken during yesterday’s storm clearly shows how weather, and mother nature, deserves respect and appreciation.

We had a leisurely morning. Barry had a massage at the spa while Eric enjoyed the ultimate man’s facial. They wanted to look their very best for the day’s adventures.

We first went to the marina’s fueling dock in order to fill up before heading out to the Bay. While still in Carter Creek, Barry handed the helm over to me and I captained most of the way home, including bringing Looking IV into Cuckold Creek. Since our boat(s) don’t have trim tabs, I had a hard time remembering to use this useful little feature.

We had a lovely time on the Bay.

Being familiar with the ride between the Potomac River and the Patuxent River, as we passed the base I pointed out the deceiving view of the Solomons’ bridge. As you pass you can clearly see the bridge so it looks as though you should turn in that direction to find the Patuxent. Instead, the bridge can be clearly seen thanks to the placement of one of the base’s runways. Barry found this very intriguing.

The boys dropped us off at our pier. So decadent!

One thing I worried about throughout this trip … since we have never really traveled with Eric and Barry, nor spent so much time together, I worried that at the end of the trip they’d be so sick of us and decide – NEVER AGAIN do we want to travel with them. Fortunately, that was not the case, at all. Instead, I feel like we are even better friends.

Once we finished unloading, the boys took off for Broomes Island. I took a quick shower, just to get the first layer of sweat off. We then dropped our boat in the water and headed to Broomes.

Journey II:
Journey: Triple L Estate – Broomes Island – the Boys’ house – Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

Time: depart approximately 3:30 pm – return around 7:00 pm
Vessel: Chaparral 260 SSi Bowrider
Conditions: extremely windy and quite rough, wind howling up the river

We headed up river to Broomes Island as the boys planned on leaving Looking IV tied at Broomes and they needed a ride to their house. The wind howled up river and provided for rough water directly hitting the Stoney’s piers. We docked near to where the Boys had tied up and fortunately tied up so that the wind would blow us off the pier.

When we arrived we noticed a small boat trying to tie up. Lori went over to lend a hand and provide recommendations on how, and where, to tie up so that their boat would also be pushed off the pier. The guy said to Lori, “Well thanks for making us feel like even bigger morons, but thank you for helping.” We got them tied up, loaded up the boys and their gear on our boat and headed across the river to their house.

The wind still howled and the water was quite rough. I found it amusing that we’ve traveled down the Potomac, into the Bay, up and down the Rappahannock, up the Bay and encountered the roughest water in the Patuxent.

We had hoped to dock at the end of their pier so that the wind would blow us off. Docking at their house, however, can be tricky on a good day because it is quite shallow. Get too close and you’re beached. We first tried to dock on the inside portion of their pier, but our boat was too long to swing between the pier and an out piling. Next we tried the end. We got a stern line wrapped around a piling and POWERED the boat around – not exactly easy since the wind and waves strongly pushed us in the other direction. We got a mid-line to the pier but the blowing wind made it VERY difficult to pull the boat close. We tried a few mucked up attempts and finally decided to abandon any thoughts of actually tying up. We threw their stuff onto the pier and took off back towards Broomes Island.

On our return to Stoney’s we parked on the inside wall, far easier to dock as it’s far more protected from wind and waves. We saw the guys who we had helped tie up sitting at an outside table. As we walked by I stopped and said, “You should have been with us just now when we took our friends home – we tied to tie up at their pier and we looked like absolute morons.”

The outside bar was, of course, still closed, so we went inside. I was fine with that as I wanted to be out of the heat for a while. It also gave us the added treat of talking with Jenna. As we sat there, Ashley came in to report that a customer outside had just sat in his chair and began to vomit. He didn’t even move or anything and it went down his front all over him. “But he left me a $20 tip.” We said that of course they out to have left a nice tip after that. We then asked if it was the guys that came on the boat. They didn’t know, so I asked which table they sat at. IT WAS one of the guys from the boat we had helped dock.

Once the boys arrived we went to the outside bar, which by now was open. Jeannie had her voice back, and we talked with her. She’s been to the Tides often, and will be there again next week. Barry thought it a shame that we wouldn’t be there at the same time. Lori said, “Oh yeah. I’m sure Phil would really appreciate seeing the four of us roll into his vacation.”

We had a lovely time talking with people, but you could tell the four of us were quite exhausted and we ended up leaving fairly early in the evening.

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