► Storm Runners: July 28, 2012

Saturday 28 July 2012

Journey: Triple L Estate – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

Time: 3:30 pm – 7:00 pm                         Engine Hrs: 433.9 – 434.6
Vessel: Chaparral 260 SSi Bowrider
Conditions: isolated thunderstorms, partly cloudy eventually turning to a completely cloudy storm ridden sky

Severe thunderstorm watch, darkening sky, rumble of thunder … hum … time to uncover the boat and head up river to Broomes.

We went up to Stoney’s Broomes Island to meet up with Eric and Barry. We had a lovely time talking with them. They had brought a friend of theirs, Travis T, who will be moving back to Hagerstown tomorrow. We liked him and thought, “Hum, we know someone in Hagerstown that we’ll have to introduce him to.”

While at Stoney’s, we talked with the boys about our upcoming adventure together. Barry has decided that for his 40th birthday he wants to take the 320 SeaRay Sundancer from their house in Ft. Washington, down the Potomac River to the Chesapeake Bay, around Smith Point and Fleet Island, up the Rappahannock River to the Tides Inn. Rather than meet them at the Tides, Lori and I have decided to go up to Ft. Washington so we can be a part of the entire journey. I’m excited because it provides me the opportunity to see the Potomac from DC all the way to the Bay. I find that exciting. Barry told me, “I hope you don’t mind, but we expect that you’ll be doing most of the driving.” EXCELLENT – even better. According to Barry, as soon as Eric heard we’d be coming with them from Ft. Washington Eric said, “Good! That means Kristine can do all the driving.”

panorama stern to port

Shortly after 6:30 we noticed a storm cloud front emerging from above the tree line. The line of clouds reminded me of galloping horses racing through the sky, and that’s how I pictured the storm to be approaching.

As I prepared to cast off, while Lori settled up our bill, someone commented to me that he hoped we would enjoy our ride home. I told him that the good news for us was that we were heading in the direction of clear skies.

As we raced down river we did enjoy the beauty of the sky and the spectacular cloud formations. We also marveled at the storms that followed us down river. Lori captained the vessel as I photographed the phenomenon. Sometimes we felt successful at out pacing the storm, at other times we thought the storm had over-taken us.

For those of you who have never been to Triple L Estate – once you reach the Cuckold Creek channel, at Clarke’s Landing, you have to hook around and then head up river. This meant we now had a direct heading into the storm. Yee-haw.

Once we arrived home safely, and we had settled the boat into her slip for the night, Lori decided to try her luck with fishing while I marveled at the gorgeous storm cloud formations.

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