► Small tour: July 27, 2012

Friday 27 July 2012

Journey: Triple L Estate – back creeks of Cuckold Creek – Triple L Estate

Vessel: 18’ Simmons Sea Skiff replica

Knowing that the weather forecasts indicated an evening of storms, I wanted to go out for a short ride. I added five gallons of fuel, at a 100:1 mix, to the little sea skiff and put it in the water. We have been watching our great nephews this week and the four of us crawled onto the skiff for a small tour. We ended up going around the back creeks where Joy Chappel Road ends.

On the way out Landon sat in the forward port seat while Lori sat next to him on starboard. Jordan sat in the stern port seat. On the return trip, while Landon stood next to me, I asked Jordan to sit up front to see how the little sea skiff handled. It ended up that the bow sat a bit lower causing for a great deal more splashing up along the forward portion of the boat.

It’s nice being able to explore these back areas and seeing the various houses. I’m also amused with the names people choose for their boats. After an hour of cruising we returned to Triple L Estate so the kids could go swimming.

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