► Having fun always takes precedence: July 22, 2012

Sunday 22 July 2012

Journey: Triple L Estate – Stoney’s Broomes Island – Buzz and Carol’s house – Triple L Estate

Since it was a lovely afternoon we went up to Stoney’s Broomes Island for the afternoon. It seemed like we haven’t been there in such a very long time, when in fact it’s only been a few weeks. Oh, but all the adventures we had during those two weeks made it seem longer.

When we arrived we noticed a classic and custom car club parked in the side lot. I found customer’s vehicles in the regular parking lot as interesting, if not more spectacular, than the club cars. Unfortunately this Bel Air I admired did not have personalized plates to indicate the year. I didn’t think about it until later, I should have looked for the VIN number. Oh well, maybe someone will have an answer.

There was a performer set up at the bar area, someone called Bil Krauss. Jeannie said she hoped we were not easily embarrassed. “Why?” I wondered. According to her, and Ted, the performer was hilarious and may cause some embarrassment.

Tommy showed up along with his two dogs. I was surprised that he had the dogs without Julie being there also. We teased Tommy about looking like a blind guy with the dark sunglasses he wore, and commented about his “seeing eye” dogs. Usually people choose taller seeing eye dogs.

We went out to the sea wall to have a tour of a couple’s new boat – new for them, they bought a used Bayliner. For being used it sure looked clean. When we finished it seemed like Grand Central Station along the wall. Pat and Mary arrived just as Jeff and Kari also pulled up while at the same time Joe and Dana prepared to leave. We assisted everyone with their departure or arrival, as the case may be.

We found out the reason Julie wasn’t around is because she had an open house just down the street from Stoney’s. Kari, Lori, Mary and I all decided to walk down and visit her and see the house. It was a cute little house – clean and move-in ready. A great house for anyone looking for something affordable with a decent location – just a short walk to Stoney’s. When we returned to Stoney’s this guy on a beautiful Indian motorcycle tried his very best to get Kari to go for a ride with him. I told him the only way she would get on is if she was in the driver’s seat. I think he came close to allowing that.

As we hung out at the bar Lori requested more Tina Turner songs. As he began to play “Private Dancer” he noticed Lori singing along. With a great deal of coaxing, and cheering from the patrons, Lori finally went up to sing along.

At one point, while talking with Kari, “blind” Tommy reached out towards Kari’s bountiful bossoms, claiming he couldn’t tell what he had grabbed. “I’m blind. Let me touch you so I can see what you look like.” At around 6:00 I told Lori I wanted to head for home. I’ve been on leave for three weeks and tomorrow I had to go back to work. PAINFUL!

On the way home Lori said, “If Randy’s boat is still at Buzz and Carol’s, let’s stop.” Randy was still there so we pulled up to their pier. Buzz greeted us at the pier. We said we figured if they let Randy in then of course we’d be allowed in. We ended up having a great time hanging out on their patio … too great of a time. We didn’t leave until after 9:00! And here I was trying to be so good about getting home early to prepare myself for the work week. Oh well, having fun always takes precedence.

Time: 2:20 pm – 9:15 pm
Vessel: 18’ Simmons Sea Skiff replica
Conditions: hot and sunny, waves 1 ft or less on way up to Broomes Island, water flat on way back towards home

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  1. Julie Posey · · Reply

    Love this blog! The photos are all great. I love re-living the adventures of the day in such a fun way. Thanks for sharing!!! So sorry I missed Lori singing Tina Turner…. I want an encore!! Xoxo

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