► Journey to the Eastern Shore: July 14, 2012

Saturday 14 July 2012

Journey: Triple L Estate – Fisherman’s Inn and Crab Deck, Kent Narrows

Time: 9:15 am – 11:30 am                                                 Engine Hrs: 425.7 – 428.5
Vessel: Chaparral 260 SSi Bowrider
Conditions: overcast and cool, windy, waves 2-3 ft.

We woke to morning showers and a cloudy sky, not something you want to see when planning a long trip to the eastern shore. We closely assessed the radar, predicted that the storms had passed, and expected a clearing sky. When I woke to morning storms, I thought for sure that Lori would opt to drive to the eastern shore in order to attend Zach and Karen’s nuptial celebration. Needless to say, it surprised me to see Lori opting for going to Kent Narrows by boat. I silently hoped we had made a good decision.

As always, I loved the variety of vessels I encounter along the way. In the bay the variety is much larger than might be seen along the Patuxent River. That included seeing what I suspect may have been a Navy test ship since we first noticed the vessel heading south then watched it do a u-turn and begin traveling north. The helicopter closely hovering alongside the ship also provided an indication of its testing affiliation.

Although NOAA forecasted waves at 1 ft. we encountered waves that were easily 3 ft., if not a bit more. As often seems to be our luck, we headed directly into the wind, or so it felt. Although blue sky peaked through some cloud openings, as we cruised up the Bay I saw less and less blue. Along the way, near Chesapeake Beach/ North Beach area, we passed a wall of significant cool air. We both noticed a significant drop in temperature. We also noticed a slight increase of wind and waves, neither of which provide an omen of good weather ahead. Along the way I half expected Lori to suggest donning our life vests. At no time, however, did I feel as though we were in danger which is why I didn’t recommend life vests.

Thank goodness for GPS, the Chesapeake Bay chart, and our ability to navigate using maps. It’s amazing the difference between navigating familiar waters versus waters rarely, or never, traveled. Once we entered the Eastern Bay we then needed to locate Kent Narrows in an area of islands, open waters, and a variety of waterway options. I felt a great deal of relief once we finally spotted Kent Narrows.

It took a bit of time for us to figure out where Zachery told us to dock – “the Crab Deck”. Much easier once we figured out the Crab Deck’s full name was the “Fisherman’s Inn”. We tied up for the night, grabbed our bags, covered the boat, and checked in at our hotel. We then hopped on a van Zachery had arranged to take people back and forth from the hotel to the party and back again.

We enjoyed the celebration with family and friends of Zachery and Karen. Lori, of course, ended up playing in the pool with the kids. We did have showers pass through but they did not linger in the area and the party continued unimpeded.

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