► Docking Prize: July 11, 2012

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Journey: Triple L Estate – Patuxent River Naval Air Station area, Patuxent River – Triple L Estate – Kingfishers, Solomons Island – Regatta, Patuxent River – Triple L Estate

Engine Hrs: Journey 1: 423.0 – 423.6; Journey 2: 423.6 – 424.8
Vessel: Chaparral 260 SSi Bowrider
Conditions: pleasant breeze, waves 1 ft. or less

Since I expected Joe, the mechanic, in the morning, I decided to uncover the boat and go in search of the dolphins spotted hanging out in the Patuxent River near Clarkes Landing and Solomons Island. I took Sophie along since she looked too sad at the thought of being left behind yet again. Although I didn’t see any dolphins, at least the Patuxent River Naval Air Station had jets flying what I call touch ‘n go landings and take offs. I sat and watched for a while before forcing myself to return home to await the mechanic.

Lori came home from working the farmers market in La Plata with an interesting story. She offered to help an older woman take her purchases to her car. Along the way the woman turned to Lori asking, “Were you at Stoney’s on Sunday?” Lori immediately asked, “Why? Do I need to apologize?” The woman only laughed.

Lori agreed to go to Kingfishers with me and then go watch the Southern Maryland Sailing Association regatta. We expected to tie up in our usual place and therefore placed the lines appropriately on the starboard side. When we neared our spot we saw a small rubber duckie taking up the space and therefore had to come up with an alternative. In order to avoid switching the lines I decided we’d dock in the slip on Kingfisher’s starboard side. Great, now, not only do I have to avoid hitting the pier, pilings, and deck where people sat and ate, I now must also avoid hitting Kingfisher.

Eric greeted us at the dock with “You two win the prize for best docking today,” and two drinks, a Lite for Lori and a Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale for me. According to Eric, earlier today a boat with a boat-load of kids on it came in, fast, and tried to dock in the same slip we had just taken. As this boat tried to tie up it kept banging into the side of Kingfisher. I’m glad we did a decent job docking since we had an audience of those sitting on the deck and, it appears, the staff of Kingfishers.

After having a snack at Kingfishers we went out to spend a bit of time watching the regatta. I promised Lori we didn’t have to stay too long which meant we watched only a small portion of the regatta before returning home.

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