► Yes, we are just that good: July 8, 2012

   Sunday 8 July 2012

Journey: Triple L Estate – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

Engine: 422.4 – 423.0
Vessel: Chaparral 260 SSi Bowrider
Conditions: Hot sunny day that ended in a storm

We arrived home early enough from Hagerstown that we decided to put the boat in the water and headed up to Broomes Island for the afternoon. We knew the boyz would be there and we also wanted to see them. Before leaving I asked Lori if she wanted to take the big boat or the little boat. She immediately responded, “The big boat just in case we need to get home in a hurry.” Weather forecasts predicted that isolated storms may pass through sometime in the next few days.

We sat at the upper bar for a short while before making our way down to the lower boat bar in order to watch the best chest contest. We talked Ry ry into participating as they didn’t have enough contestants, and he certainly had the physique to qualify. Prior to the contest start, I pointed out the weather radar to Lori stating we had the potential of being hit by a storm moving our way. She went up to pay but Jeannie looked at her radar app, claimed that the storm would not hit anywhere near us, and refused to take Lori’s money. When Lori told me what had happened I said fine, we tried to pay if she doesn’t want to take our money we can just leave. (Not like she’ll ever be able to find us.)

I needed to go to Tommy and Julie’s house to collect my prescription sunglasses which had been left on their boat during our Friday excursion. I went up to pay and Jeannie asked why. I told her we needed to get going so I could swing by to get my glasses, unless one of her staff could drive me down there in her new fancy golf cart. She told me the keys had been misplaced, then told me to take her jeep and handed me her keys. Very sweet. I headed down the road and realized I really didn’t know how to get to their house by land. Thank goodness I could see their red barn from the road, because the house sat hidden behind trees.

Throughout the afternoon I had noticed the wind picking up. When I returned I noticed the staff had started to take down the table umbrellas and cleaning the vacant tables of items sitting out. I again pointed out to Lori the potential storm coming our way. I asked Lori if she wanted to stay or leave. She wanted to stay. “Fine, let’s cover up the boat and prepare for waiting out the storm.” It’s one thing to batten down the hatches while at home with the boat on the lift, it’s quite another when it’s docked in the water and we need to avoid bashing into pilings.

We returned from covering the boat just in time to see the beginning of the chest contest. I don’t know how they choose the winner, or even who won. The hairiest chest contest soon followed the best chest contest. One look and it could be easily determined who would win. By the time the contests ended the sky had become significantly darker north and west of Broomes, however, the sky seemed quite clear south towards home. Lori and I decided to make a run for home before the storm hit. We quickly uncovered the boat and quickly left.

As we traveled down river we watched Broomes Island become engulfed in dark clouds full of lightning. I RACED down river. As we traveled up Cuckold Creek, we could see a lot more black sky over head than we had hoped to encounter. Within less than 15 minutes after our safe return home and covering the boat a thunderstorm erupted overhead.

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