► Several hours after we originally planned: July 6, 2012

Friday 6 July 2012

Journey: Triple L Estate – Blackstone Marina – Triple L Estate – Island Creek – Triple L Estate

Engine Hrs.: 421.3 – 422.4                                               Time: 3:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Vessel: Chaparral 260 SSi Bowrider

We first went out to finally pump out the head. Now that we’ve discovered Blackstone’s pump out station we wanted to go there. We had tried to pump out earlier this week but upon arrival we noticed a sign stating operating hours of Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Upon arrival Lori looked for any staff person, thinking they had to turn on some switch. Some guy, who keeps his boat under a covered slip, assisted. According to him, the pump out is now available any day, any time, so ignore the sign. Good to know.

While pumping out the head, I got a message from Julie that a group of people were at her house, swimming in the pool, and invited us over. We returned home, packed up suits and towels, and headed up river to Island Creek. Lori and I both agreed we wanted to make it an early night since we had to drive to Hagerstown Saturday morning.

After chatting, swimming, and eating, it was decided that Tommy and July would take Julie’s dad’s boat out for a ride. Julie’s dad had just purchased and had it renovated, a 48 foot Larson. Very sharp looking. We (Tommy and Julie, Ted, Mary and Pat, Lori and I) headed down the Patuxent at a very leisurely pace. Along the way Julie suggested we cruise to our house because she wanted to finally see where we lived. So, to our house we go. My thought – I sure do hope it’s clean enough to accept company.




 We stayed for only a short time. Ted and Pat kept telling me we had to hurry to the boat or else Tommy would leave us behind. I said, that as long as I was on the boat before Julie I think I’m fine because Tommy would not leave without her. They weren’t so sure.

We were treated to a BEAUTIFUL sunset as we cruised up river.

Rather than return directly to Tommy and Julie’s house, we stopped at Stoney’s, Broomes Island; quite fun to dock up front in such a large, impressive looking vessel. We had the added treat of seeing the Boys while at Stoney’s. When we first arrived, Eric told me I had to rescue Ryan. I look and see that some slightly older gentleman talking, talking talking to Ry ry. I went over, hugged Ry ry, then somewhat squeezed the guy out to ask Ry ry questions. That fellow was quite persistent because as soon as a sliver of opportunity opened up he slipped back next to Ry ry.

As the boyz prepared to leave they asked if we wanted a ride to our boat. Lori and I declined. Shortly after their departure we regretted not taking them up on their offer. T and J intended on leaving the Larson at Stoney’s, mostly because Tommy couldn’t get it started, and instead they would drive us to their house. As it got later and later I kept thinking that surely we’d be leaving soon. Finally, we asked for a ride to our boat, prepared, for the night ride home, and departed several hours after we originally planned.

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