► Docking Contest, Broomes Island: June 24, 2012

Sunday 24 June 2012

Journey: Triple L Estate – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – the Boys’ house – Stoney’s Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

Time: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Vessel: 18’ Simmons Sea Skiff replica

Conditions: Sunny and hot; water fairly flat going up river at 11:00, quite rough returning down river at 5:00

Stoney’s, Broomes Island, hosted a docking contest today. We took the little skiff to Broomes Island thinking it’d be easier to find a parking spot in the shallower water. To our surprise, ‘the Boys’ arrived at Stoney’s before us.

They met us at the dock and asked us if we would go to their house and pick up Eric and Vic.

I only had three vests so I asked Eric and Barry for an extra vest which they took off their boat. Lori stayed at the pier while Rick jumped on board and we took off across the river. Upon arrival I see that not two, but THREE, people needed a ride across the river to the island. That meant I needed another vest. I hopped on the Baja, attached to the whips, looking for an extra vest – nothing. We looked in the shed by the house – nothing. Finally, we decided to go across the river a vest short – although Rick assured me that the throw counted as a floatation so we were fine. I think he’s wrong.

Having that many people on the boat made the River Kween slug along! I think we could have paddled faster. Also, it was quite difficult to balance the weight, not to mention how tippy it felt which can be disconcerting, to say the least. Had I known how slow we would have traveled I may have chose to make two separate trips.

We watched the docking contest from the bar. A good spot – able to see the activities yet still have shade. Slightly after 4:00 Lori pointed out the weather look more ominous. We checked the doplar radar, which showed storms to the west in Stafford County, VA. Even though no storms yet threatened our area, the river had gotten quite a bit rougher. Because of this, we decided to take off for home. As we left I shot straight across the river to follow along the St. Mary’s County shoreline in the hopes of finding smoother, more protected, water. It did offer a better ride than if we had stayed on the Calvert County side thanks to the direction of the wind coming up-river.


Tough Luck (i)
Belinda Jean
Elaina Scott
CrabHouse/ Geicko
Miss Julie
Tough Luck (ii)
White Lightning


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