► Beer Tasting, It’s what’s for dinner: June 21, 2012

21 June 2012

Journey: Triple L Estate, Hollywood – Kingfisher, Solomons Islands – Triple L Estate, Hollywood

Our friends, Lester and Marcia, came to our house in the afternoon and we (Lester, Marcia, my wife – Lori, and I) left the house at around 5:30 pm. We headed over to Kingfishers on Solomons Island for their beer tasting dinner. We passed by Kalmer Nyckel and I continued to bask in her beauty.

I was happy to see a larger turn out than just the four of us for the beer tasting dinner. Every single one of the five course meal was spectacularly delicious. The first course consisted of shrimp cocktail (fried goat cheese for me), a wonderful bruchetta, with crab for those who eat seafood, salad with duck meat medallions (which everyone loved – I thought it was just ok), chicken pasta with a lovely sauce, and mango – passion fruit cake for desert. Throughout the meal I wished our friends from DC had been able to come down. Val (the aspiring culinary chef) would have loved it.

The beer featured hails from Charlottesville, Virginia – Star Hill Brewery. The host, Steve, provided a few fun antidotes about the hippy-founded brewery, including Northern Lights, the name of the IPA. Northern Lights refers to not the aurora borealis but instead to a “flavor” of marijuana. Hummm, I’m surprised they share that story. Maybe they expect it will increase the appeal.

We had a lovely evening. To my stunned shock and surprise, Lori actually participated in the beer tasting – a HUGE leap for someone who only drinks Miller Lite or Ultra. It made me proud.

We departed at dusk and arrived home before the sun had completely set.

Time: 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm Engine Hrs.: 416.6 – 417.5
Vessel: Chaparral 260 SSi Bowrider
Conditions: Hot, flat water; a bit cooler in the evening as we rode home – again on FLAT water

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