► This is when sailing really sucks!: June 20, 2012

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Journey: Triple L Estate – Waterman’s Wharf, Solomons Island – regatta, Patuxent River – Triple L Estate

I originally intended to go out and watch the regatta. To my surprise I noticed the Kalmer Nyckel docked at Waterman’s Wharf in Solomons Island. I didn’t expect their arrival until Friday. I, of course, chose to motor over to have a closer look. With the little skiff I hovered quite near to the Kalmer Nyckel which allowed me to admire her grandeur from various angles Although I’ve seen this ship in previous years, with the up close perspective I noticed details I had never seen before.

It amazes me to see all the lines going in all these different directions – people actually know where these lines belong, the purpose of each line, AND how to use the lines. I have a great deal of admiration for the ancestral sailors that sailed for months … YEARS … on the open ocean with no hope of rescue if something went tragically wrong. Back in the days when this vessel represented the best, most grand, of ocean transport available.

I finally had to tear myself away and headed out to watch the regatta. As I approached it seemed odd that: 1) while looking at the Kalmer Nyckel I didn’t hear any gun fire – blasts – to indicate the beginning of a race, and 2) none of the sailboats had all of their sails up – in fact, some had no sails out.

As I neared the course I saw that most of the boats simply sat bobbing in the water. Not surprising since there was NO WIND to be found. An AXAX course had been set up but no one moved – at least not in a forward direction. I wondered if, on days like this, do they reschedule the regatta race for another day? Or were they simply hoping that a gust of wind would miraculously develop? Evenings of hot weather and no wind contributes to a miserable sailing day.

On my way home, as I approached the bridge, I saw a large fin come up out of the water. The first thought that flew through my mind was, “Wow, the dolphins have returned!” I quickly realized that no, the dolphins had not returned but instead I saw the single fin of a ray gliding along the surface. Soon thereafter I noticed the fins of another ray glide by – so peaceful.

Time: 6:15 – 7:45
Conditions: HOT – Head advisory all day and into tomorrow; water FLAT; NO WIND

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