► 2015

Returning to the Scene: January 19
The Watermen and Us: January 23

We Found Her in This Condition: March 12
If You’re Serious, I’m Game: March 14
Never Ending Birthday: March 15
Family Days: March 21
Like Glass: March 27

Too Nice to Go Home: April 21
It’s Official: April 26

I’m Just Saying: May 8
Unable to Extricate Himself: May 10
Why Leave All That?: May 13
Play it Safe: May 16
Celebrating Retirement: May 17
Making it Happen: May 22
Entertaining Fiasco: May 24
We are Throwing a Party at Your House: May 25
Too Late to Go Back: May 27
A Bit of Overkill: May 29
Show Us Your Tatas: May 31

Chopped Off: June 3
Bathtub Races: June 6
Rough Seas: June 7
Family Fun: June 17
Nice Boat to Have: June 19
Captaining a Yacht: June 24
Rainbow Nation: June 26
This is a Yacht: June 28
Brilliant Day Off: June 29

Get Your Party On: July 1
Humiliation Avoidance: July 22
Cruising the Bar in a Toy: July 23
Band Stand: July 24

Good Times Had By All: August 5
Always Fun Friends: August 9
Playing Behind Your Back: August 12
Lights Out: August 13
Touring: August 15
Island Life: August 16
Party On: August 22
Flotilla: August 23
Regatta Maryland Style: August 26
Finding Friends: August 27
Boat Stalking: August 28
Social River Runs: August 29

Hanging with Family: September 2
First Meeting: September 5
Active Captain: September 6
Docking Challenges: September 7
Old Acquaintance: September 11
Running From the Rain: September 12
Oh Baby: September 13
Price of Fun: September 17
Red Hats: September 19
Carpooling: September 20
Score!: September 24
From Far and Wide: September 25

Cornhole: October 22
Up the River: October 23
Cheers for the MGM Team: October 25
Another Season Completed: October 29
Incognito: October 31

Mutinous Behavior: November 1
Last November Day: November 6

Patio Dining: December 13
While the Wife’s Away: December 20
Holiday Visiting: December 25
Boyz Day Out: December 26
Maryland Dove: December 27

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